Apple continues to release new iPad models which can cause confusion on which Intrinsically Safe iPad case to purchase.

Not to worry! Our team at the Intrinsically Safe Store is here to help find out what device you have and what case you will need according to your Hazardous Area operating environment.

Will My iPad Fit Your XYZ Case? Are The Cases Purpose Built Per Model?

Each case is designed specifically for a specific model of iPad. You MUST match your model of iPad to a corresponding iPad case.

What Intrinsically Safe iPad Case Models Do You Have?

We have a wide selection of iPad cases in stock. They come in different sizes and specifications. Click the following link to see the full details.

Intrinsically Safe IPad Mini 4 Case ATEX Zone 1
Intrinsically Safe IPad 4th Generation Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Mini 4 C1D2 Zone 2 Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Air 1st Generation Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Mini 1, 2 And 3 ATEX Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad 9.7in 6th Generation Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Pro 9.7in Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Pro 10.5in Cases
Intrinsically Safe IPad Pro 12.9in Zone 2 Cases

Can I use iPad 9.7 inch 6th Generation case with iPad Pro 9.7 5th inch case? Or a similar different generation situation

No. They require different cases although they were designed with the same screen size.

Does my iPad mini 4 fits the iPad Mini C1D2 Zone 1 case?

Yes. Our iPad Mini C1D2 Zone 1 cases are designed to fit the iPad Mini 4 with dimensions 8.0 x 5.3 inches and 7.9-inch screen size. If you require a C1D2 label in your iPad Mini 4, we recommend that you send your device to our office for installation. For special instructions on installation and shipment, you can CLICK HERE.

What is the process of installing the case and the Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) label in the iPad?

If you need a C1D2 label in your iPad, you must send your device to our expert technicians for installation. Alternatively, you can also buy the iPad straight from us and we will take care of the installation of the case and attached the label at no cost.

For instructions on shipment and address to send, please CLICK HERE. The installation is completed within 24 hours upon receiving your device. We will ship the device back to your address after the installation which takes 3-5 business days.

If you want to see a full review of one of our best-selling iPads, WATCH this VIDEO.

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